ADHD: Should I medicate my child?

on October 22, 2014 ADHD, Blog, Social-Emotional Development, Therapy with 0 comments

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of discussions with parents regarding their concerns with ADHD medication. As a parent myself, I empathize with their struggle of whether or not to medicate.  I always suggest parents make a list of their pros and cons concerning 1575333medication. For example….a common fear among parents is “I don’t want my child to be a zombie.” On the other hand, a pro of medication might be the increased self-esteem which usually comes along with a child feeling successful at school and home.

After putting the concerns down on paper, I urge parents to discuss the list with the child’s pediatrician. Go to the experts for expert advise; not websites and friends. Everyone’s experiences are different and shouldn’t be compared.  It’s important for parents to be aware that untreated ADHD can lead to symptoms of depression and decreased self-esteem.

Talk to your doctor to find out which treatment option is best for your child and family; behavioral therapy, educational interventions or pharmacological treatment.