Children & Adolescents

Therapy Sessions

Is your child:

  • feeling anxious or overly worried
  • sad and lonely
  • experiencing low self-esteem
  • having behavioral or school problems


Are you confused about your options or next steps?

Individual counseling or psychotherapy can help.

Psychotherapy treatment involves listening and talking, and understanding the relationship between your child and others involved in his or her life. Each psychotherapy session provides the opportunity for your child to find space to tell their story, find solutions, and make the changes desired. Mary Alice will help your child to establish a safe, healing environment so that he or she can discuss issues and make progress on their goals.

Regardless of how your child was referred, psychotherapy aims to treat people with issues of personal development which may have developed recently, or may have developed over many years, sometimes right from early childhood. The aim in psychotherapy is to look more deeply into the emotions, conflicts, and distress behind these diagnoses. Psychotherapy does not mean that your child is ill. Think of it as an important part of human education — for your child to understand and resolve their drives, motives, behaviors, and relationships better.

Most psychotherapy is once weekly or twice each month. Mary Alice participates directly with BlueCross BlueShield. For all other insurance companies, She will furnish you with a receipt of each session, which you may use for insurance reimbursement (out of plan) or tax purposes. Mary Alice chooses to work outside of most managed care companies to protect your child’s confidentiality and to give you the ultimate control over the course of your child’s therapy sessions and treatment.