A Summer Project

on September 27, 2015 Blog with 0 comments

I’m not usually the type to post blogs about my (mostly attempted) Pinterest creations; however, I felt the need to share this one.  This was a project my boys and I worked on over the Summer. I’m sharing with you guys because this was more than the typical up-cycle project for me.  The time spent engaging in this activity provided multiples moments of bonding for my family over the course of a few weeks.  It all started with an old printer’s rack that belonged to my late grandmother.  This began a dialogue about what family heirlooms are.  We discussed the feelings evoked while allowing ourselves to reminisce instead of avoiding the painful emotions associated with a loss of our loved one.  By having these discussions, you can model working through difficult emotions versus avoiding them or being rescued from them (I’ll probably blog more about this in a future post).

f3hmd51f998be96486Once I shared my idea for the printer’s rack, they were ALL IN!  I found the inspiration for this project on Pinterest (photo on the left). What a fun way to incorporate my family’s love of legos into our home decor.  They were excited to go through the thousands of legos we own and begin to select and piece together the “minifigs” to display. We laughed as we recalled the stories behind each minifigs.  We grouped them together; ninja turtles, star wars, avengers, ninjago, construction workers, police and so on.  We even created our own minifig characters for each family memIMG_6747ber! We were all in the present moment and practicing mindfulness; something that is hard to do in today’s world. We weren’t preoccupied with the future and we were far away from all of our electronic devices. We were connecting with each other, mindfully engaged with our full attention!

The next few steps were adult only steps: spray painting, glueing down lego blocks to secure the minifigs, and spray painting again. The photos on the right show the progression of the project.

IMG_6748The boys joined in for the last step.  It was time to display our minifigs. They had a blast. Each was “in charge” of his own  section.

Below is a close up of our family of minifigs.

Top left to right: My husband and I (mom and dad), grandma, and uncles.

Bottom left to right: James (my 8 year old), our 12-year-old next door neighbor (shout out to Brannan), Spencer (my 7 year old), grandma and grandpa.


Our masterpiece now has a special place in our home with new memories attached.  Now go on and create something special of your own.  What does your family enjoy? I challenge you all to practice being “mindful” with your children while you engage in an activity your family enjoys.

To find out more about mindfulness and becoming a more mindful parent, check out this 6 part blog on Mindful Parenting by Carla Naumburg, PhD, LICSW