Success from Recent Clients

Gained Confidence

Since coming to therapy, our son has had much more confidence in himself. He is much more able to explain his feelings and more likely to deal with them in a constructive manner. The skills and knowledge that we, as parents, were able to learn from Mary Alice has been invaluable.


Feels Good

It makes me feel so good that you are covering things like that [self-image] with her I am seeing a beautiful change in her already. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes our sweet girl. Thank You So Much.”

It’s Good to Talk

I just wanted to tell you Kyle really enjoyed his visit with you!!! He talked and talked about it! He asked if we can play a game sometime and talk about our feelings. He told my mom that it’s good to talk!


Teacher Sees Student Mature

I have a student who began Kindergarten as an academic enriched student, but he was lacking in his social skills. On many occasions, he would cry for his Mom. He was immature in dealing socially with his peers. He would be very stand-offish and only wanted to play with one student. Since counseling he has shown tremendous confidence and maturity in dealing with his peers and handling his problems in the classroom. He has been asking his Mom to go to After Care to play with the other students and has been going a few days each week. Each morning he walks to the classroom by himself, without his Mom. I attribute this student’s complete maturity, independence and confidence to the counseling he has received.

Happy Parent

Just wanted to report to you that Katie came home from her dad’s house last night and gave me a hug (which she never does!!!!). I was very happy.


My daughter is in love with you and her sessions so far she keeps telling me ‘mom I really like going to Mrs. Mary Alice can I please go back.’ Thank you for making her comfortable.

Grateful Parent

I am very pleased with Emily’s behavior this morning. I only woke her up twice like we talked about and she did get up and get dressed with no problems. On the car ride, I told her how proud I was for doing that and hope she continues this ‘GREAT’ behavior. I also told her that we are going to start the star reward/consequence system and she agreed. I think that our meeting together went well yesterday and has helped. So hopefully, this is the first step to our family becoming stronger and happier.


Thank you Mary Alice!

In April of 2014 tragedy struck our family. Many decisions had to be made during this time and one of those was to seek counseling for our Granddaughter. Many suggestions were made and every time the person suggested was Mary Alice. I am so grateful that we have been able to have Mary Alice as a therapist. Our Granddaughter has greatly benefited and has learned how to overcome the many obstacles that were in her life with the help of Mary Alice. She is a blessing to our family!